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About EASE Program and Insurance Payroll Deduction Status-- IMPORTANT


MESSAGE 1:  This message is for all full-time employees of Preston County Schools. Preston County Schools is in process of updating our benefit offerings for all non-PEIA benefits.  These include dental, vision, life insurance, disability, accident, critical illness, and group legal.  We have contracted with an online system that will allow for quick access and enrollment in the coverage. You will get an email most likely to your professional K-12 email account from “Ease” which will allow you to log in to the system and go through the enrollment process.  You will need to go through and add the dependents that you would like on your dental and vision as well as go through the other products and either elect to take them or decline.  This is separate from PEIA and Mountaineer Flexible Benefit offerings and employees may still choose to enroll in products from these options with the deadline being Wednesday, May 15th.  To assist employees with this process, personnel will be available at the Preston County BOE Offices from 4 PM to 5:30 PM on the following dates:  Tuesday, May 14th; Thursday, May 16th; Tuesday May 21st; and Thursday, May 23rd.  Please contact the finance office at 304-329-0580 at option 5 or with questions about accessing your K-12 email account, please contact Brad Martin at extension 225 or Darla Moyers at ext. 250.     


MESSAGE 2:  This is an additional follow-up message for all full-time employees.  Recent communication from Superintendent Wotring via the Superintendent’s Update indicated that payroll deductions would no longer be made for policies serviced by American Fidelity, Washington National, Aflac, & any other payroll deducted products. However, based on the review of the potential ramifications for employees carrying such policies, this has been reconsidered.  Payroll deductions for these carriers will continue during the 2019-20 school year; however, no further policies through these vendors will be added to payroll deduction status nor will changes to said policies be made with the exception of terminating payments upon the employee’s decision to cancel the policies.  Potential alternative options to policies of this nature can be obtained through the new EASE portal or via PEIA Mountaineer Flexible Benefits.  Please note that payroll deductions made to the Credit Union, Proactive, and/or Union Dues will also continue.  Please contact the Finance Office with additional questions or this matter at (304) 329-0580 at option 5. 


On Monday, April 22nd, the Preston County BOE passed Policy 11-6-A establishing school attendance zones for the 2019-20 school year and revised Policy 11-6 on Intra-County Transfers.  Letters will be mailed to potentially impacted students and parents by May 15th indicating if they would be considered out of zone for the coming academic year, explaining the Intra-County Transfer process, and providing the necessary paperwork to request an Intra-County transfer.  The deadline for the forms to be received and receive full consideration is July 1st.  This is not an first come, first serve process, so we are asking for families to wait until proper information is mailed out and posted on our website to proceed.  If you have questions, please contact Mr. Brad Martin at (304) 329-0580 ext. 225 or by email at brrmarti@k12.wv.us. 

PCS Policy 11-6- Intra-County Student Transfers
PCS Attendance Zone Policy 11-6-A
In-County Transfer Form
(print and fill out)


(You call fill out online and then print off)
Attendance Line Maps


Once you get the signature of both principals on the In County Transfer Form you need to bring or mail it to the board of education office. If you mail please note on the envelope that it is an In County Transfer.