After School Explorers

These are the alternative bus announcements effective for Friday, February 12, 2016.

Bruceton Area:

  • Bus # 97 (Matt Feather) Eisentrout Rd. will be picked up at the intersection of Eisentrout Rd. and/or Maryland Rd. / Mt. Dale Rd.
  • Bus #24 (Ben Weaver) Fox Hollow/Cannon Loop will be picked up @ intersection of Fox Hollow & Clifton Salem Rd; @ the int. of Cannon Rd & Clifton Rd.; & at the Clifton Bridge. Forky Farm Rd will be picked up at the intersections of N & S End & Clifton Rd.
  • Bus #71 (Terry Workman) North Hidden Acres will be picked at North Hidden Acres Dr. (off Dennis Rd.) and/or Clifton Salem Church.
  • Bus #75-16 (Shelly Wolfe) Maryland State Line Rd. will be picked up at the intersection if Bartholomew and Maryland State Line Rd.
  • Bus #129 (Brett Slagle) will not be running his AM or PM route.

Fellowsville Area:

  • Bus #44 (Robert Anderson) Will Not Be Running Bethlehem Road and will not be picking up Students along Rt. 26.

Rowlesburg Area:

  • Bus # 6-15 (Dan Spaid) Will not be running Bethlehem Road.

Terra Alta Area:

  • Bus # 36 (Mark Knotts) Will Not Be Running Freeland Road, Casteel Hill and Russ DeBerry Road.
  • Bus # 99 (Rick Bachtel) Will Not Be Running Casteel Hill.
  • Bus #98 (Hoy Wiles) Will not run Buurside Camp Road and Feather Road.

Valley / West Area:

  • Bus #35 (Terry Hovatter) Will not be running Vista View Road



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