Stephen Wotring - Superintendent


I am truly humbled and honored to step into the position of Super-intendent for Preston County Schools. My entire professional career has been spent working in and for our county schools, and nearly 33 years after I started as a substitute teacher, I remain just as excited and enthusiastic today about my profession. It seems like yesterday that I graduated from West Virginia Univer-sity with my Bachelor of Science degree in Secondary Educa-tion. The very next day I walked into Rowlesburg High School to finish out the school year teaching mathematics. That same fall in 1982, I continued to serve in a permanent substitute position and had opportunity to work in almost all of our county schools. In the fall of 1983 I accepted a teaching position at Bruceton High School in the areas of math and science. It was during that time that I began working on my Master’s Degree in Education Leader-ship. I completed my degree in 1995 and stepped into the role of half-time assistant principal and half-time teacher at Bruceton School. After a year and a half, I was assigned to Rowlesburg School to fill the vacancy of the principal. After leaving Rowlesburg, I moved to Terra Alta/East Preston School where I served as principal for three years before returning as Principal of Bruceton School where I remained for 11 years. Central Office Administration was the next step in the journey where I served as Federal Programs, Pre-Kindergarten, and Curriculum Director. These experiences have helped me to gain a deep understanding of our school system’s strengths and weaknesses. We have much for which we can be proud, yet much work remains before us.

I have spent the last few months meeting with Board of Education members, state education lead-ers, administrators, teachers, community and business leaders, parents, and students. It is appar-ent that all stakeholders are passionate about our system and their desire to make it the best it can be. Each group has shared ideas, but also remain unsure of how we can truly affect positive change for our system. My promise to each of you is to first listen, but then to use the information gathered to lead Preston County Schools to greater success by ensuring that our focus is and remains on the success of each and every student with whom we are privileged to work.

Our work will not be accomplished in pockets of isolation, but through the collaborative efforts of all of us who make Preston County our home. We must work to ensure that all of our students are col-lege and career ready upon graduation. This means that we must have all of our students at or above grade level at the third grade. We must eliminate the dropout rate. Attendance at school must become a priority. Our most valuable resource in Preston County is our children. Building ac-ademic success for our students strengthens our county. I look forward to this new role and ask that each of you join me in the challenge of building a quality education system in Preston County. I know we can do great things as we align with our great state and move forward with a "One Voice, One Focus: All Students Achieving" vision.