Snow Day Information

Preston County Schools, Snow Day
The decision to cancel, delay or dismiss early is a county-wide global decision based upon the safety of students. Most bus routes of Preston County Schools are to students that live on secondary roads. Primary roads, such as route 7, 92, and 50 are treated first by the Department of Highways. Another factor of weather conditions is geographic altitude - some areas receive rain, others sleet, yet others snow. Since the desision made involves all sections of the county, information from various sources is collected and used in making the final decision. Those sources include but not limited to:

  • Preston County Superintendent of Schools
  • Assistant Superintendent of Schools
  • Coordinator of Transportation
  • Various input from area bus drivers
  • Department of Highways
  • WV State Police
  • Preston County Sheriff's Office
  • 9-1-1 center
  • National Weather Bureau
  • WV Department of Education
  • For school closings please check the WV Department of Education website.