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West Virginia General Summative Assessment (WVGSA)
All students grades 3-8

The Assessment for students grades 3-8 is completed entirely online.
Students will test over multiple days within a window determined by the district and school
(State Window  3/30/20 - 5/22/20)
COMING SOON (Preston County Testing dates)

* The assessment is computer-adaptive, such that how a student answers one question may determine the follow-up question, and features a set of questions from a testing vendor. This question bank will be supplemented by items designed by West Virginia Educators.

Subjects Assessed Grade Levels Tested Number of Days to Complete
 ELA/Writing  3-8  2 days
 Math  3-8  1 day
 Science  5 & 8  1 day

* each tested segment is estimated to take the students approximately 2 hours to complete

For more information and resources about the WVGSA, visit the WV Assessment Portal

SAT School Day

All students in grade 11

All students in grade 11 will be assessed on April 14, 2020.*
One make up day will be held on April 28, 2020

The assessment will take place at Preston High School and will last roughly 4 hours.

Participating students may have the opportunity to use their results for college entrance determination.

*allowances for alternate days between 4/14 and 4/27 created for students receiving accommodations approved by CollegeBoard

Students can check SAT School day results at this website:

Home Schooled Students

Click here to register to participate in the WVGSA and SAT School Day

Due Date and Online Application coming in December.




The West Virginia Department of Education created the following documents to support families in interpreting their student's assessment results.


WVGSA - Grades 3-8

Interpreting the Grade 3-8 WVGSA Family Report

WVGSA 3-8 Family Report
(Walk Through Powerpoint)


SAT School Day - Grade 11

Interpreting the SAT School Day Family Report

SAT Family Report
(Walk Through PowerPoint)


WVGSA/SAT School Day Lexile/Quantile Report

Interpreting the Lexile - Quantile Report


Assessment Coordinator

Darla D. Moyers

304-329-0580 Ext. 250